When a Baby Planner Phones a Friend

by Alicia Kamm, of Born Ready Baby and certified Baby Planner and Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant graduate

I am a baby planner. Trained, certified, experienced baby planner. As a baby planner, I guide expectant and new parents through the transition to parenthood by providing them with education, resources and support where they need it most. I’ve counseled clients on an array of different topics including: education on postpartum depression, breastfeeding, creating a safe sleep environment, easing into a back to work routine, finding a daycare – and more.

As a baby planner, there’s one question that I’m asked all the time: So what makes you such a pro on babies?

Here’s the thing – I’m not a pro on babies. Perhaps that’s possible for a pediatrician or (gasp!) a mother to her own child. All babies are vastly different though and I don’t profess to be a pro on babies. Rather, my strength is helping women adjust to the changes in their life once they find out they’re about to become a mom. I live it, I keep up with the latest research and education, and I’m passionate about helping moms max out their mom-to-be game. It’s such a joy when I can put a client at ease by educating or providing support in an area that weighs heavily on their mind.

It’s not always possible to do the same in my life though. Let’s take today for instance:

Chatting it up with my visiting sister-in-law on the couch with Felicity standing on the floor in the middle of us. No sooner do I get up and turn around to grab a bottle that I hear a loud thump and Felicity’s ear piercing initial wail. I turned around to see tears streaming down her cherub cheeks.

When my sister and brother were little I learned the mechanics of a child’s cry. There’s the initial short wail followed by a silent pause where it’s almost as if the child inhales a deep breath, creating momentum for their next wail. The duration of that silent pause lets you know just how intense the crying episode will be. If it’s a short pause, you’ve lucked out. If it’s a loooong pause, you better make yourself comfortable because you’re going to be dishing out love, hugs and back rubs for quite awhile.

Felicity’s pause was alarmingly long. Not only that, but when I scooped her up my heart skipped a beat. The cry was combined with a cut oozing crimson red blood. The culprit – her new top tooth cut straight into her bottom lip upon impact.

After a few minutes – she was OK. She sniffled a bit but seemed to just want her bottle and her mama.

Me? I was a wreck. I called the pediatrician just to make sure I was doing everything right. Of course, it took awhile for the doc to get back to me as I assume a fat lip is low on the emergency scale. While waiting, I reached out to my fellow baby planner friend, Jessica. We talked and I texted her a picture of Felicity’s lip – one side as inflated as Mob Wives’ Big Ang’s botox bloated lips. She talked me off a ledge, giving me the support I needed to get back in calm mama mode vs. panicked parent. The pediatrician eventually called back and told me to (ha!) give her a popsicle. Luckily, I’d already heeded Jessica’s advice about freezing a banana and was giving that to her.

You see, when it comes to your own kid – something things are going to scare the mom jeggings right off of you. Even though I work with moms, supporting, educating and assuaging their fears – the sight of blood oozing from my sweet Felicity’s lip sent me straight into a manic panic.

So it’s with gratitude, that I say thank you to Jessica Brody and all of the incredible baby planners out there who help moms each and every day. Keep on, keepin’ on baby planning sisters!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of  the International Maternity Institute.

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