Maternity Professionals Give Birth to Baby Gear Industry Alliance

Press Release

September 28 2012

Maternity Professionals, Mary Oscategui, Annie Mullens, and Jennifer Metter team up as co-founders of the Baby Gear Industry Alliance (BGIA).

The Baby Gear Industry Association (BGIA) exists to connect manufacturers, safety organizations and retailers with maternity consultant professionals around the world to provide support, education, set standards, regulations, and guidelines when recommending or demonstrating products to expecting and new families.

The BGIA takes product safety very seriously and are committed to leading the way in educating maternity professionals responsibly about the use and demonstration of products. As a result, the BGIA believes that all professionals in their field should be properly trained when working with products, obtain regular continuing education, and stay up-to-date with advances and best practices in the field, as well as participate with colleagues in collaborative/information-sharing membership capacities with relevant organizations. The goal at the BGIA is to provide many if not all of those opportunities to their members.

In addition, the BGIA works with manufacturers, safety organizations and companies in the baby gear industry to increase awareness and education of the value of safety and quality of baby gear for families.

The BGIA seeks to develop a strong community of maternity professionals, safety organizations and manufacturers who share a desire to collaborate and support one another, promote professionalism in our fast-growing field, and enhance the quality of service they offer our clients. Membership in the BGIA gives manufacturers, retailers, and maternity professional consultants the opportunity to network, collaborate, educate, exchange ideas, resources, experiences and best practices with other members across the globe.

For more information about the BGIA or to join, please visit


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