Maternity Institution Launches First Combined Master Program for Birth and Postpartum Professionals

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For Immediate Release: January 22, 2014

Media Contact: Mary Luz Oscategui:

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Maternity Institution Launches First

Combined Master Program for Birth and Postpartum Professionals

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The International Maternity Institute™ (IMI), providing the world’s most progressive and holistic birth education for birth professionals, is the first birth organization to offer a comprehensive master program that provides birth and postpartum workers the opportunity to advance their career by being equipped with a holistic combination of professional offerings and graduate as a Holistic Maternity Consultant Practitioner

January 22, 2014 San Francisco, CA- The Holistic Maternity Consultant Practitioner master program is designed to equip birth and postpartum professionals with a combination of comprehensive professional offerings drawing insight from several fields of preconception, childbirth and postpartum. The goal of the program is to provide birth professionals with the knowledge, tools and support necessary to work with families in the most optimal and valuable way. The program also rewards professionals who already have trained and earned their certification through various fields of study from any of the following organizations: IMI, CAPPA, DONA, ICEA and Childbirth International.

“At IMI, we are extremely passionate about providing birth and postpartum professionals the most holistic and comprehensive way of working with families. It is not uncommon for the average birth and postpartum professional to be trained as a childbirth educator, doula, lactation educator, sleep consultant, baby planner etc……As a result we feel it is time to introduce a well-rounded and comprehensive program that provides birth and postpartum workers the full package and families the opportunity to work with these highly skilled and trained professionals.”

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About IMI

The International Maternity Institute™ (IMI) provides the world’s most progressive and holistic birth professional education with evidence-based training, certification and global support for maternity and health professionals at all business stages.  We are represented in 32 countries and specialize offering individual and combined master certification programs in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. 

The IMI’s mission is to inspire, support, and educate a global network of maternity professionals in order to provide exceptional service to pre-conceiving, expecting and new parents through eco-friendly initiatives, holistic and diverse educational programming, professional networking, and a commitment to professionalism. The IMI is accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and recognized through the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

The Maternity Institute also provides consultation services for hospitals, birthing centers, retailers, corporations and individuals who wish to incorporate these methods into business, hospital and childbirth programs. By increasing the level of knowledge among professionals and the general public, the International Maternity Institute aims to be a leading authority with an integrative approach to pre-conceiving, pregnancy, and post birth methods.

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Mary Oscategui, Founder

International Maternity Institute

PO BOX 455

Fairfax, CA 94930


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