Livelihood Parenting


Have you noticed that more and more men and women are becoming entrepreneurs? In fact, women represent about 1/3 of all business owners worldwide and half of all entrepreneurs in the US, and are responsible for $2-3 trillion in US economy revenues! If we look around the world, we can see that small business owners are changing more communities than ever and reshaping the future of those around them. Women and men EVERYWHERE are redefining what success means to them. However when one becomes a parent, being an enrepreneur becomes more challenging as responsibilities increase and balancing work and your new baby seems nearly impossible; add in single parenting and stress grows. As a result parents may find themselves giving up their entrepreneur dreams to ensure more stability and time with their children.

Let us help you achieve YOUR business, personal and financial goals through our Livelihood Parenting support program. 

Finding a career you’re passionate about is the BEST feeling ever! But watching that business grow and flourish, developing work-life-family integration, a focus on self-care, achieving financial freedom and leaving behind the grueling 9-5 is even BETTER!

We are a progressive, supportive, nurturing, unbiased community where  professionals can thrive in their passion, power, and purpose.


  • Develop Work-Life-Family Balance and Integration
  • Receive  Self-Care & Personal Growth
  • Empower Others
  • Achieve Financial Freedom so you can continue growing and give back more
  • Join a global community of parent entrpreneurs

Conact us to begin your Livelihood Parenting journey today.

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