International Parenting & Health Institute Welcomes Marisol Michaud to teach French Business Mastery & NLP Program

Marisol Michaud will begin offering IPHI’s Business Mastery Program launching end of February 2019 and NLP program launching May 2019 in French.

It’s by being above all a mother of three girls and a stepmom, living the adventure of the step-family that Marisol was inspired to lead her company and fulfill her role as a mother. It was after a major depression in 2012 that she decided to swap her job as a chemistry teacher for NLP coaching.

It is through her passion for the human being, for her scientific background, from her studies in biochemistry and her training in NLP coaching that she has developed in recent years, an expertise to help women achieve their goals!

She is also trained in business management, Brain Gym, marketing, social networking and working with several coaches both personal and professional. In addition, she is constantly evolving her own coaching both personally and professionally. It is through all these achievements that she has the opportunity to integrate her passion for teaching and NLP, thanks to the coaching program she created.

She loves life! She loves the human being and enjoys helping people get out of their comfort zone and experience magic every day!

To learn more about Marisol visit her website or Facebook page below.

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