Conscious Parenting Workout


According to a recent article in Scientific American titled “Secrets of Successful Parenting”,  Amazon offers more than 180,000 parenting guides—more than double the number of diet books, as psychology professor Robert Epstein notes in “What Makes a Good Parent?” 

One would imagine that with such a large number of guides available and growing, surely parenting challenges are on the decline however, founder of the International Maternity & Parenting Institute, Mar De Carlo, finds that while there are many supportive and insightful guides to parenting, one of the reasons parents continue to struggle is due to the absence of daily physical, mental and emotional training necessary to build what she refers to as parenting muscles and parenting core strength.

“Parenting is a skill” says Mar. “The lifestyle of many of today’s parents lacks self- care, support, healing from old wounds, practical financial strategies, time management and  tools to help manage work, life and family integration.”

A mom of two young children, Mar has first hand experienced many of today’s parenting struggles. Having read and implemented many parenting strategies, Mar still found herself stuck . Inspired and motivated to help herself and others struggling, Mar found an effective solution blending her health, fitness, yoga, theatre and psychology background into a daily workout, called Conscious Parenting Workout™.

The Conscious Parenting Workout™ offers a fifteen or thirty minute physical, mental and emotional self-care workout journey  guided by Mar providing parents an opportunity to heal old wounds, dance with challenging emotions, build parenting muscle and core strength so parents gain strength, stamina, resilience and awareness necessary in order to show up fully present, rejuvenated, understanding and available for their children.

Stay tuned for more information.

You can follow Mar daily on her social media page:  MarOscategui

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