Celebrating International Baby International Planners Day

In celebrating International Baby Planners Day, we asked our professionals, “What do you love about being a baby planner the most?”

Here is what they said:

Christine Mah-Chong in Singapore“Being able to assist fellow women in the special journey to parenthood.”

Meg Brown in Canada “Seeing little babies all the time!! :D”

Nadia Pawelczyk in Poland “It is one of the most rewording experience in my life to be able to support couples from the beginning of their pregnancy through birth and beyond it, to build the amazing relationships and by part of the miracles which they get to experience.”

Sherri Levinton in Texas “Educating couples on their new arrivals, but even more than that to help infertile couples understand what is going on with them, and giving them new options and education… I hope to really make a difference in this harsh reality of life!”

Sarah Cody in Colorado “I love being able to offer women choices and an understanding of pregnancy and birth that is so often left unmentioned by medical professionals. I love seeing the relief women feel when they understand that they can make choices that feel right to them, and that I’m there with lots of information so they don’t have to stress about knowing everything!”

Jessica Lane Wilson in Florida “I love educating women about birth options and letting them know they do have a say!”

Annie Mullens in Colorado “Knowing that we are making such a positive impact on lives…not just the expectant parents, but their children, and future generations.”

Tutti Bambini Maternity Concierge in Florida “Helping new and expecting families navigate through such an amazing part of their lives and then meeting their little miracles knowing their parents are fully prepared to be amazing with them!”

Anaïs de BforBaby in France “To see couples blossoms”

Nancy Javier Cavazos in Texas “Giving past, present and future parents the tools to make the right choices for their families!”

Adriana Lozada in New York “Helping women become confident, calm and fearless mothers.”


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