Why Your Prenatal Folic Acid Might Not Be Enough…

by Jess Sherman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Every woman of child bearing age is generally told to take 400mcg of folic acid daily.  Current government recommendations still hold that a deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy can lead to neural tube defects such as spina bifida in babies. While research still does support the need for adequate […]

International Maternity & Parenting Institute to Launch First Free Online Maternity & Child Sleep Summit for Expecting and New Parents in Response to Reuters

Recently on December 4 2014, Reuters Health posted an article on Children Sleep Coaches, how they vary in background, training and price. They wrote,” A new review of online advertisements from pediatric “sleep coaches” finds that more than half do not have any previous health care or educational experience, and most have no more than a […]

Top 5 mistakes parents make when introducing solids

by Jess Sherman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist   Relying on purees The most current infant feeding guidelines emphasize the need for textured foods right from the get-go.  6 month-olds typically have the muscle function they need to be able to negotiate chunks, even finger foods.  But different babies have different preferences.  Try purees, but also know that […]

Why Helping Couples Prepare Their Relationship for Parenthood Is a Crucial Component of Birth and Baby Prep

by Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC This is one of my favorite quotes: “The greatest gift a couple can give their baby is a loving relationship, because that relationship nourishes Baby’s development.” John and Julie Gottman, authors of And Baby Makes Three In a culture devoted to encouraging expecting couples, especially moms, to make healthy in […]

Maternity & Parenting Institute Launches FamilyPrep

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 20, 2014 Maternity & Parenting Institute Launches FamilyPrep: Holistic and Progressive Education In June 2014, the International Maternity & Parenting Institute (IMPI) announced the launch of their Parenting Education program led by Teresa Stewart. Since then Teresa Stewart and Mar Oscategui, founder of IMPI, have created and developed a holistic, progressive […]

Five Ways to Help a Mom Through Postpartum Mood Disorders

by Jess Sherman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Reprinted with permission from the blog of JessSherman.com It’s time to take on Postpartum Mood Disorders…. Having a baby is the most beautiful, exciting moment of your life, right?  Not for some.  Postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis – a collection of mental illnesses particular to the circumstances of pregnancy […]

Why New Parents Fight More & What Birth Professionals Can Do About It

by Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC Newsflash: 9 in 10 couples report a drop in relationship satisfaction after their first baby is born. Many say the drop is steep. Plus, conflicts increase exponentially. If you work with new parents, or have children, this information is old news. While babies might enhance relationships by deepening our connection […]

Evidence that prenatal and early childhood nutrition play a role in proper brain function and the development of mental illness

by Jess Sherman Thanks to a pioneering researcher in Australia, we have some solid, published evidence that prenatal and early childhood nutrition play a role in proper brain function and the development of mental illness. Dr Jacka’s groundbreaking 2013 study looked at the diet of 23,000 mother/child pairs from pregnancy through to age 5. Among […]

International Maternity Institute Expands and Launches Parenting Education Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                 June 27, 2014             SAN FRANCISCO – The International Maternity Institute (IMI) expands to the International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI) and is proud to announce their new Parenting Education Program. The IMPI’s Parenting Education program will officially launch January 2015 and will be led by their Director of Parenting Education, Teresa […]

IMI and Nurturing Sleep Partner to Raise Child Sleep Consultant Standards

To continue raising the bar for child sleep consultant professionals, and to address the root of child sleep challenges, the International Maternity Institute (IMI) has teamed up with Ann Caird, founder of Nurturing Sleep. Going forward, IMI has determined it will implement “emotional wellbeing” as a standard sleep hygiene component, one that all IMI Maternity […]