By: Tamara Jurkin Conflict resolution starts far before an actual conflict arises. It begins when you first meet your potential client, the wording in your contract, and the expectations you set at the beginning of your working relationship. A solid foundation in a professional relationship is a proactive step when it comes to conflict resolution. […]

Sleep Tips To Overcome Common Sleep Challenges and Improve Your Quality of Sleep

by Mar De Carlo  Evaluate Your Lifestyle, Health History and Family History There are so many forces that affect sleep and in order to get the root of the challenge we must first investigate the strongest forces that affect sleep in order to first rule those ’causes’ out.  Rarely is there just one main ‘problem’ […]

IMPI’s founder, Mar Oscategui announces “Conscious Parenting Workout” to be released next month

According to a recent article in Scientific American titled “Secrets of Successful Parenting”,  Amazon offers more than 180,000 parenting guides—more than double the number of diet books, as psychology professor Robert Epstein notes in “What Makes a Good Parent?”  One would imagine that with such a large number of guides available and growing, surely parenting challenges […]

The Importance of Holistically Addressing Questions Relating to Adult & Child Sleep Challenges

by Mar Oscategui, founder of IMPI and author of Awakening Through Sleep  When parents experience a child sleep challenge or their own sleep challenge, one of the most common paths parents take to solve the ‘problem’ is one of public inquisition, usually with the general questions being asked right from the start. Quite often parents […]

Holistic Science of Sleep Method™

Mar De Carlo, founder of the International Maternity & Parenting Institute, Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, Physical Awakening and author of Awakening Through Sleep introduces “Holistic Science of Sleep Method™” (HSS Method). The Holistic Science of Sleep Method™ is an adult and child sleep system that combines Holistic Thinking, Intuition and Application with the Scientific Method […]

Awakening Through Sleep: An Integrative Child Sleep Foundations Solution

After birth, sleep is usually the next largest challenge for a family. How we address this as professionals and parents can lead us down a path of ease or frustration. Infant and child sleep carries with it not only so much controversy but also in many cases causes overwhelm, stress and a loss of family […]

Why We Need Sunlight (A Book Excerpt from Green Body Green Birth)

by Mar Oscategui Over the years I have witnessed an increasing amount of concern over sun exposure due to ozone depletion, global warming, and skin cancer along with an increase in sunscreen usage and warnings to deal with this concern. Likewise in the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the studies […]

Emotional Wellbeing or Behavioural Approaches? The Value of Intention.

by Ann Caird, IMPI graduate and mentor;  founder of Nurturing Sleep   Many sleep consultants now ask me about the appropriateness and usefulness of applying ‘behavioural’ approaches and strategies to resolving problematic baby and child sleep behaviours in relationship to emotional wellbeing. Reflecting on this question, it would seen that it’s as if we have […]

Making Assumptions About Children’s Sleep

by Ann Caird, IMPI graduate, mentor and founder of Nurturing Sleep Resolving baby and child sleep problems is an emotive subject at the best of times! There are many different approaches, theories, strategies and so much debate. It can be very confusing trying to tease out which theory or approach is best for your family. […]

The Mother:  The Effects of Mothers’ Stress on the Parent-Child Relationship and Sleep

by Kel Whittaker, Certified Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant   There is an internal self-struggle for many women as mothers. The mother instinctively wants to do everything right for her child and devote all her energy into that. However, the woman’s sense of self can suffer. This internal conflict of guilt can manifest to behavioural […]