Baby Planner Academy Teams Up with Green Irene to Offer a Comprehensive Greenproofing Certification program.

San Francisco, CA – August 16, 2010 The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals has recently developed and launched the baby planner industry’s first and only greenproofing certification program and has teamed up with the only national Eco-Consulting firm, Green Irene.

Green Irene provides a thorough online training program including Ask Green Irene, which is an extensive research database with a complete infrastructure to help individuals establish their own local eco-consulting practice. Founded on the notion that everyone can make a difference with simple changes in lifestyle and habits, Green Irene Eco-Consultants lead families to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle while saving money, energy and water with its consulting services and green home products.

“Just as babyproofing is designed to prevent children from injuring themselves or doing damage around the home, our greenproofing service is designed to prevent expecting moms, new moms, and their babies from unsafe exposure to potentially harmful substances around the home. In the same way that nutrition plays a significant role for a woman and her baby’s health during and after pregnancy, environment plays an extremely vital role to health and safety of moms and babies. I am very impressed with Green Irene’s training program. I feel it will be the perfect complement to our greenproofing certification, so much so that we have made Green Irene’s program a requirement of our overall greenproofing certification.” says Mary Oscategui, founder of the IABPP. 

Mary feels it is a baby planner’s duty to educate and inform their clients about the potential threatening substances that exist in and around the home when preparing for a baby’s arrival. She is passionate about providing professionals with an in depth look at the world of greenproofing.

Rosamaria Caballero, co-founder of Green Irene, says “We are excited about partnering with the IABPP because we believe that many of the topics that we cover in our both our training and consulting services– such as water purity, indoor air quality, toxic-free living and even waste reduction–are essential areas that should be examined in any home with babies and children.”

The IABPP Greenproofer’s certification requires comprehensive knowledge of toxic free living for expecting and new families including: pregnancy and birth, skin and body care, food and nutrition, non-toxic organic products, nursery design, home and business environment, as well as energy efficient lighting, energy conservation, water conservation, water purity, indoor air quality, waste reduction/recycling, safety/emergency preparedness, and carbon footprint.

This is a great opportunity for baby planners to complement their businesses with a specialty in green services. The first training program will be offered in the fall of 2010. For more information, visit 

The IABPP continues to lead their industry forward by providing the finest training porgrams to support baby planners throughout the United States and around the world. Certified baby planners can currently be found in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, Bermuda, France, Switzerland, Brazil, and most recently Puerto Rico, Luxemburg, Argentina, and Peru. 

About IABPP: 

Founded in September 2009, the IABPP is at the forefront of a movement to empower parents to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies. As the innovative leaders in their field, they have introduced a new approach to the baby planning industry by focusing on the needs of their clients through parental education and emotional support.  They have also established the first and only certification program in the baby planning industry. Their mission is to inspire, support, and educate a global network of baby planners and childbirth educators through creative and effective professionalism, business management, strong leadership, sales, and communication in order to provide expecting and new parents with exceptional service. For more information, visit

About Green Irene LLC: 

Founded in 2007 by the original “Green Irene,” Rosamaria Caballero, Green Irene is founded on the notion that everyone can make a difference with simple changes in lifestyle and habits. The only green home and business consulting firm with a national reach, Green Irene has trained more than 600 Eco-Consultants in 47 states. Green Irene Eco-Consultants perform Green Home Makeovers and Green Business Makeovers with advice and products to make your living or working area more eco-friendly. The goal for Green Irene Eco-Consultants is to lead your family members and coworkers to a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle, and save you money, energy, and water with its consulting services and green home and office products. Green Irene is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and Green America’s Green Business Network. For more information, visit

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