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by Mar De Carlo Oscategui

an excerpt from Awakening Through Sleep

After birth, sleep can be a great challenge for a family and not just a child issue but a family issue. When a child is experiencing sleep challenges, the whole family is affected by it. These families have been sleep deprived for weeks and sometimes even months which can have a negative and even traumatic effect even after experiencing a healthy and powerful birth.

Many families hire child sleep consultants usually a few months after the baby is born, who resort to behavior methods known as sleep training such as cry it out, no cry it out or gentle sleep overlooking many important foundations that are not currently covered and discussed in the most popular sleep resources like books, websites and with your average child sleep consultants. In addition there is very little support or education exists to support families with sleep challenges during pregnancy and the newborn stages before reaching out to a child sleep consultant.

How we address this as professionals and parents can lead us down a path of ease or frustration. Infant and child sleep carries with it not only so much controversy but also in many cases causes overwhelm, stress and a loss of family connection.

When I first became familiarized with the child sleep consulting industry and profession, I was very surprised that the support and education for child sleep began at four, five and six months after birth and not prior, especially during pregnancy when we have a great opportunity not only to support mom and baby but also take preventative measures.

And if we look statistically for example, during pregnancy, the percentage is pretty high of pregnant women experiencing sleep challenges; according the National Sleep Foundation, 78% of pregnant women experience disturbed sleep. But as high as this statistic is, the perception, norm and the cultural standard is having disturbed sleep during pregnancy is part of the process a she should just live with.

As a result, pregnancy and child sleep a path that I have been led down and become deeply passionate about.

I decided to write my book and share a vision and expanded perspective that evolved through my research, experience, studies and understanding of the connection and influence between our relationships, health, lifestyle, beliefs and sleep. Throughout my lifetime, I have considered myself a skeptic. When faced with a challenge, before I assume and draw conclusions, I investigate, research, reflect, make connections, use logic, experience, experimentation, evaluation and then invite feeling and intuition to digest, integrate and guide me toward the most optimal solution.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to share what I have learned with all of you.  All my research, findings and insights are available for you today because I have been blessed with the opportunity to extensively study, train and practice each area related to the wheel of life and health over twenty three years with a variety of experts, colleagues, and clients from all walks of life: psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, exercise, sleep, dance, child development, yoga, pilates, stress management, pregnancy, birth, parenting, meditation, conflict resolution and much more.

Some people see a glass half empty, some people see a glass half full, some people see a glass with water in it, some people see a hard object containing a soft object, some people see all of these combined. My book similarly presents a combined approach that welcomes a integrative perspective of child sleep.

While my book presents integrative and perceptions, it is not meant to replace or disprove existing child sleep books, sleep science, sleep medicine or sleep methodologies but rather it is intended as a compliment, supplement and additional option for those that resonate with it. As a result, I am not going to spend time reviewing or covering sleep science, sleep training, or any of those kinds of things because there’s plenty of books out there that already do. The intention of my book is to offer an expanded and integrative perspective with practical solutuons for child sleep; presenting and sharing information on influences of sleep that you most often will not find in covered or spoken about in your average book, magazine article or mainstream sleep consultation that will provide you not only an opportunity to resolve your child sleep challenges but also a chance to support your own wellbeing and strengthen your family connection. My hope is that after reading my book, you understand the deeper connections and the underlying layers of how child sleep is influenced, learn practical solutions and experience a physical awakening.

Physical Awakening has played a tremendous role, not only because I founded a company called Physical Awakening in 2005, but because I have experienced many physical awakenings; feeling my body and mind fully integrated, alive, functioning most optimally to reach my fullest potential. My phyiscal awakenings were born from moments I was deeply present, physically connected, well rested, relaxed and quiet gifting me with profound insights, creativity, inspiration, clarity and wellbeing.  This is also the reasoning behind my  title “Awakening Through Sleep”.

I invite you to experiment, explore, reflect, and take some time and space to digest what is shared not just with your mind but also with the presence of your body to get the most out of my book. Give yourself an opportunity to take some space, feel your body, feel your breath as you read. Why? Because when your mind and body are present, connected and focused, you are giving yourself a chance to learn in the most optimal way and experience a physical awakening.

Thank you for taking the time to open yourself up to a new way of perceiving, understanding and approaching pregnancy, parent and child sleep.

In order to prepare ourselves for this reading journey, I invite you to examine your thoughts and beliefs about child sleep and participate in my physical awakening method.

Let’s begin with our thoughts and beliefs.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Question Your Thoughts and Beliefs

When it comes to child sleep there are many beliefs and misconceptions about how our child should sleep and what the right way to sleep is. Where do these beliefs come from? In order to expand our thinking and invite a holistic understanding and approach it is important to explore and understand why  we have the beliefs that we do?

There’s so many places where we draw our beliefs from. They are very much influenced by a whole host of different ways and so understanding that on a deep level gives us an opportunity to then really explore deeper what is going on with our beliefs and how we can be flexible and open with them, because they can be very limiting.

Our beliefs can be generated form observations, personal experience, science, authority, assumptions, facts, law, policies position, policies, emotions, subconscious and so on.

Some of the greatest influences of our beliefs come from ancestors, parents, friends, teachers, religions, experiences, cultures, traditions, media, schools, books, magazines, radio shows, experts, doctors etc….

In order to be open to our beliefs, to question, to be curious, to examine them a little bit more and to even transform them, especially the ones that we find limit us and may not be serving us, we first need to understand is this my belief or someone else’s? Is it my belief that babies manipulate or someone else’s? What is my belief based on? Is that based on my experiences as a child? Is it based on authority and what they say? Is it based on emotion, intuition, logic, science, sensory? Where is that belief coming from? Is it true? How long has this belief been with me? What is the earliest memory of having this belief? Where did my belief come from? How did it feel to have this belief is it really serving you and everyone around you and does this belief support me?

Understanding our beliefs, where they’re coming from, how they’re serving us or not serving us is an important foundation for holistic and integrative thinking and application.

Once we have expanded our mind, we invite our body to expand as well. This is where my Physical Awakening Method comes in.

Physical Awakening Method

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour,” Zen Proverb

Quite often when we’re on the go, we have so many things to do, errands to run and things to get done, it feels almost impossible to believe that taking a step back can actually help us go forward more. It’s like, sometimes we do have to take a step back to move a few steps more forward. Taking a pause and allowing ourselves to reflect, meditate, to connect, activate, integrate, does wonders. In fact, it can allow us to get a lot more done. It brings more clarity and focus. When it comes to reading, because many of us are limited on time, we skim or when we are not skimming, we still are not fully engaged or present because our mind is filled with so many other thoughts.

Physical Awakening Method is a combined integrative practice using my own style I have developed for myself over the years through my meditation practices and a variety of different training programs and workshops that I participated in.

I particularly love to use this method before I start reading, during reading, and especially when I’m learning. Quite often, when we’re learning or when we’re reading, we are in our mind and disconnected from our body. Our mind can be so absorbed into what we’re reading, what we’re learning, and so engaged, that I have found that even sometimes, I have had headaches after my reading or learning experience. If I’m in a workshop that’s three or four days, and we’re going four or five hours at a time or longer, it is not unusual for me to experience a headache because of how hard my mind has been processing and absorbing. As a result, I began integrating a physical awakening experience with my body to support my mind and make the learning experience much more enjoyable.

We have an opportunity to learn most optimally, to expand our way of thinking, to just develop and evolve in a way that feels most alive, most functional and to prevent overworking our minds resulting in a headache when connecting, activating, and integrating our body into the experience of learning.

First I close my eyes so that I can just connect within first, since so much of my sensory is outside or taking in the outside in, I connect first within and I start to feel my breath. I notice my inhalation and how the inhalation comes through and comes in. I feel the inhalation, let’s say, coming through my nose and skull and in my neck and chest and so on. I feel the inhalation, I feel it traveling. Then I also feel the exhalation. If I want to take it deeper, I start to feel the quality of my breath, and how long I inhale and exhale, and whether my breath is shallow or quick or slow, begin to note these things.

Then once I do that, I then scan my body. When I do this exercise, I will usually do it choosing a posture that I know is going to keep me pretty much alert. Comfortable but alert, and aligned in a way where I can go through each area of my body, connect with it, activate with it, and then integrate it into my reading and learning experience.

You can start from the crown of your head or from your feet, and visit each body part: Become aware of your body part like crown of your head for example. Feel the crown of your head, connect with it, feel it activate and take one full inhalation and exhalation present with the crown of your head. Then I move on to the next part of my body, repeat the steps and keep doing this until I have visited each area of my body and feel fully activated and present. There’s many layers you can take it, You can start out with big body parts and if you’d like and have more time you can get into smaller body parts like nails and hair follicles.


Meet Mar

Mary “Mar” De Carlo Oscategui, RYT 500 and founder of the International Maternity & Parenting Institute RYT 500, is a holistic health, lifestyle, business coach, author, artist, performer, group facilitator and founder of several global companies. She has also served as an SBDC small business adviser and a board member of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce.

Mar began her expansive coaching path with the health and fitness twenty three years ago where she trained and worked with individuals and groups as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, pilates and yoga instructor. Along the way she became involved in the business side of these industries where eventually she became a manager and then entrepreneur of several successful businesses in the health and birth industries. Mar found business to be a powerful gateway for personal, spiritual and social growth where one can find deep personal fulfillment.

Having worked with many groups and individuals in throughout the world her experience has allowed me to regularly teach and train people from all walks of life. As a result, it has also lead her to understand the variety of physical and emotional needs that each individual has.

In 2007, on a summer trip to Ojai, California, her daughter, Bella Luna was conceived, she had a home birth which transformed her life and gave birth to expanding her knowledge on maternity, parenting and “green” living. Her inspiration led her to support families where she founded two additional companies: and International Maternity & Parenting Institute.

She has overcome countless challenges throughout her life; using each as stepping stones to not only form the person she today but to also help others overcome their challenges in the most practical, inspirational and transformative way.

She enjoys advising and coaching businesses and entrepreneurs in the fitness, yoga, wellness and birth industries along with regularly teaching in person and online group classes. For Mar business is personal and as a result her work holistically integrates scientific research and intuitive knowledge using the modalities of yoga, dance, pilates, nutrition, fitness, reiki, dance, energy work, stress management, green living, meditation, sleep and rest. She blends her business savvy skills with an integrative sustainable approach to her work.

She successfully launched multiple companies helping others to grow and succeed – all while maintaining her health, sanity, and love for life. Her qualifications include over two dozen certifications in the health, fitness, yoga and maternity fields covering a range of holistic topics: exercise, stress management, nutrition, sleep, eco-consulting, somatic yoga therapy, meditation, pilates, pregnancy, birth, wellness coaching, and business coaching. She is a mom to two children and the author of three books: “Green Body Green Birth” , “The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need to Know” and “Awakening Through Sleep: A Transformational and Spiritual Guide to Pregnancy, Parent and Child Sleep“.

Mar’s Companies Include:

  • Marin Business Sanctuary, Founder
  • International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI), Founder and CEO
  • Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC), Founder
  • International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals (IABPP), Founder
  • Physical Awakening, Holistic Health & Fitness Services


Mar has presented for the The Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health,  BirthKeepers Summit, International Association for Child Safety,International Nanny Association.She has been featured in a variety of media publications which you can find on her media page: Consumer Reports, US News & World Report, LA Times, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, SF Examiner, Kiwi Magazine, Green Child Magazine, Bay Area Parent, Marin TV and more….She has been an interviewed guest for the Conscious Mama Show, Well and Wise Online Mama Summit, Food Body Spirit Connection Summit, Women’s Global Summit, Core Freedom Show, Awakening Online and Making a Difference in Marin.


Personal Trainer Certifications
American College of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine
American Council on Exercise
National Strength and Conditioning Association
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
American Aerobic Association International

Group Exercise Certifications
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
American Aerobic Association International Cycling
Johnny G Cycling

Nutrition Certifications
Ann Wigmore: The Living Foods Lifestyle
Nutrition Psychology Coach

Sleep Certifications
The School of Sleep Medicine

Stress Management Certifications
The Spencer Institute

Pilates Instructor Certifications
Stott Pilates Pilates Trained Matwork & Reformer
American Aerobic Association International Pilates
The Physical Mind-Pilates Mat Certified

Yoga Instructor Certifications
7 Centers Yoga Arts 200 Hour Hatha/Tantra/Ayurveda
Be Yoga 8 Hour Restorative Yoga
Fitness Resource Associates 100 Hour Vini Yoga
AAAI Yoga Instructor Level I 20 Hour Hatha Yoga
YogaFit Level I 40 Hour Hatha Yoga
Somatic Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy
Yin Yoga
Chakra Yoga

Theater Education

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