World Renowned Holistic Wellness Educator Joins IMI

164346_494902759829_1402046_nThe International Maternity Institute (IMI) proudly welcomes its’ newest faculty member, Beth Greer, aka Super Natural Mom ®; an accomplished journalist, author and holistic wellness educator specializing in creating natural, healthy environments.

Beth brings a high level of distinction to the IMI team, as the new instructor for the IMI Eco-Maternity Consultant Live Course which IMI has offered since 2010.

Under Beth’s direction, the 10-week comprehensive certification program will include live, interactive weekly webinars which allows participants to engage on a more personal level with the instructor, as well as their fellow colleagues. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions, share comments, experiences and much more.

All participants in the live course, as well as the self-directed course, receive highly specialized training that empowers them to confidently consult families on health and safety issues that affect fertility, pregnancy and birth. Upon completion, participants become certified Eco-Maternity Consultants™. Certified Eco-Maternity professionals can teach preconceiving, expecting and new families how to identify and prevent toxic exposures in the environment, in their homes, within their own bodies and for their baby.  This includes the ability to prepare their clients with the following services: Home Safety Analysis, Work Safety Analysis,  Non-toxic Feeding, Eco-friendly Diapering, Safe Skincare, Greening the Birth and Labor Room, Healthy Baby Living and Nursery, Safe Product Selection, Green Child Care Search,  Holistic Practitioner Resources , Health and Safety Education Classes, GreenBirth Educator® Classes and much more.

About Beth Greer

Beth Greer, aka Super Natural Mom ®, is an accomplished holistic wellness educator who changed the course of her life after discovering a tumor in her chest. She eliminated that tumor without drugs or surgery by changing her diet and eliminating dangerous household products.

As a consumer advocate, Beth is leading a movement of awareness about healthy homes, schools and work environments. She shares her passion for environmental health through her award-winning journalism, Huffington Post column and national radio talk show.

In the workplace, Beth helps companies eliminate dangerous toxins with her results-driven corporate wellness program. She also inspires millions of followers through seminars, workshops, consulting and guest speaking.

To read more about Beth Greer, visit her website Super Natural Mom or pick up her best-selling book Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home and Planet… One Room at a Time, which was endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

About IMI

The International Maternity Institute ™ is an evidence-based training and certification organization that provides integrative resources for maternity and health professionals around the world.

IMI’s mission, led by founder Mary Luz Oscategui, is to provide inspiration, education and support to a global network of maternity consultant professionals. Its’ team of highly respected educators strive to provide a strong and nurturing community for maternity and health professionals, while staying inclusive of all beliefs, cultures, lifestyles and philosophies.

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