Holistic Childbirth Educator



Self Directed Online

Our Holistic Childbirth Educator certification program is the most progressive, comprehensive and cutting edge childbirth education training course currently available online where you can study from the comfort of your own home. Acquire the skills, education and confidence to teach holistic childbirth classes that empower families to make informed choices customized specifically to suit their needs. Topics include knowing all your options and resources,setting up a support system, preventing toxicity before during and after pregnancy, anatomy and physiology, what to expect and much more.

Curriculum Content Includes

  • Knowing Your Options and Resources
  • Setting up a support system
  • Preparing for a Greenbirth & Environment
  • Preventing Toxicity before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Environmental Causes and Affects
  • Effects of Stress
  • Anatomy and Physiology:  6 Ways to Progress in Labor
  • Onset of Labor:  How will I know labor has started??
  • Warning Signs/Premature Labor
  • Stages of Labor – A Video
  • What to Expect, What to do in Early Labor
  • Body Mechanics/Exercise
  • Pain in Labor and the Purpose of Comfort Techniques
  • How to Recognize Active Labor
  • Going to the Hospital/Arriving at the Hospital
  • Hospital Procedures and Birth Plans
  • Going to the Birth Center/Arriving at the Birth Center
  • Birth Center Procedures and Birth Plans
  • Homebirth: Procedures and Birth Plans
  • Comfort Techniques:  Coping with Active Labor/Back Labor
  • Second Stage Labor:  Pushing and Delivery
  • Third Stage Labor and Newborn Procedures
  • Induction and Augmentation
  • Pain Medications
  • Second Stage Interventions:  Forceps, Vacuum, Episiotomy
  • Cesarean Birth:  Video
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Comfort Techniques
  • Preparation for Breastfeeding
  • Breast Changes in Pregnancy / Anatomy and Physiology
  • Early Feeding
  • Position and Latch
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Frequency and Duration of Feedings
  • “Signs” Baby is getting enough
  • Hurdles (Write on board)
  • Pumping and Bottles
  • How to Bottlefeed
  • Storage
  • How long to breastfeed
  • Supplies, Resources, and Questions/Talking Points
  • Holding the Baby
  • Things to do Before the Baby Comes
  • Normal Newborn Characteristics
  • 12 Months of Pregnancy
  • Baby Communication
  • Taking Baby Home
  • Feeding
  • Burping
  • Bathing
  • Health
  • Elimination
  • Crying and Calming
  • Baby’s Temperament
  • Different Parenting Styles
  • Sleeping
  • Sanity/Self Care for Parents
  • Product awareness and credibility
  • Skin and body care
  • Feeding
  • Diapering
  • Toys
  • Baby Gear
  • Baby Furniture
  • Baby wear
  • Allergies and Food Sensitivities
  • The Vaccine Controversy
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Pediatrician
  • Dentist
  • Green Organizations
  • Supplies, Resources, and Questions/Talking Points

This is a self-paced study course with support as needed.  Participants have 18 months to complete their certification.

Tuition Investment $895 Special Promotion $695

Date and Time Self Directed course can begin anytime

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About Instructor: Sarah Searle

Sarah Searle RN,BSN CCE,RPYT
sarah searleSarah inherited respect for natural healthy living at a young age. Raised in a small town in the Midwest, she grew up with local, fresh foods and parents who made the most from the simplest of things. With health paramount in her life, she studied nursing and graduated from KU Med School of Nursing in 2000. Working as a Labor & Deliver + Postpartum Nurse she connected the dots of how deeply a mother’s health impacts the health of her child. Desire to further educate parents and foster these connections led Sarah to pursue additional education. Her training and experience has allowed her to support numerous families not only as a Nurse, but also as a Childbirth Educator, Doula, Infant Massage Instructor and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher.
In 2007 Sarah became a parent herself. Determined to create a healthy environment for her family, she implemented “green living” practices into their life. Accessible “Eco” options were not necessarily abundant or affordable at that time. Through collaboration and networking she found additional resources. Given her ability to start a movement, she formed a natural living parenting group. The group was a success as it promoted community, eco-mindedness and healthy + happy parenting for better living.
Sarah’s vision is for parents to take as good care of themselves as they do their children. With our children, families and communities depending on us, she believes this is a necessity we need to create. In her commitment to support parents in parenting while remaining true to one’s self, Sarah launched her own business, Apple & Tree. Providing education + wellness + creativity + community, Apple & Tree helps raise eco-conscious, healthy and happy families. Sarah is the driving force behind her business offering services which integrate baby, body, beauty and balance.
Leading by example in the community she supports, Sarah is an active mother and educator. She resides in La Jolla, CA and is the proud mother to her son, Lucas.