Redefining Super Mom

written by Mary Oscategui

You are a super mom, if you are a mother who works full time, takes care of your household duties and your children. You juggle between work, family, social life, and if you’re lucky your well-being. In addition you are praised for handling as much as humanly possible while maintaining it all under control. “How do you do it all? You are so amazing!” is something you may hear quite often.  You may enjoy the admiration so you keep it up or take on more. You give up sleep or eating, whatever it takes to conquer it all, after all you are a “Super Mom”. However, being a super mom can also take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. Along the way, you may feel stressed, anxious, exhausted, experiencing body aches, insomnia, or migraine headaches but you still must keep on going in order to take care of your family.

Being a super mom myself, I have learned a lot throughout my journey. Below are a few tips that have saved me:

Make self-care a daily priority and put in your schedule. When you take care of yourself, you not only feel good, but you have the energy to do what you do best and with passion. This may include taking breaks, dancing, singing, walking in nature, playtime or getting a massage. Your children also benefit from this tremendously.

Trust Your Body. “Your Body Knows”. It speaks to us. Check in with your body on a daily basis. How is your body feeling and give it what it needs. This may include eating nourishing foods, getting sound sleep, resting when you are feeling tired, or becoming aware of your breath.

Trust your intuition, especially when you are feeling stuck. What may work for someone else may not be appropriate for you. Your inner guide knows what you need best. Listen to the suggestions or advice of others but tune in to confirm what works best for you.

Embrace Your Sisterhood Family. You do not need to go at it alone. A sisterhood family not only provides you support but tremendously impacts your well-being.

Delegate the work you don’t like to do. You don’t need to “do it all” in order to be a super mom and in fact you become more of a super mom when you don’t. When you delegate the work you do not enjoy doing, you open up space for creativity and more energy.

Collaborate. Collaborating with others can form strong bonds, welcome new ideas, and diminish your workload.

Ask for help. I find that this is one that many super moms have a hard time with. Perhaps because when asking for help it may look like a sign of weakness, however asking for help is actually a sign of courage and strength. Asking for help also connects you closer with others.

Empower Your Voice. This may mean saying no to things or people that do not serve you or believing in yourself enough to take leaps of faith when you need to.

Feed Your passion every day. This may include connecting with a quote, environment, or person that inspires you.

Forgive Yourself. It’s so easy to feel guilty and impose a lot of self-judgment. Make it a habit to forgive instead. No one is perfect. When we are able to forgive ourselves and accept we are not perfect, a tremendous weight is lifted off that provides us more energy and happiness.

Love Yourself. You deserve it. Love is the answer, Love heals all, and you are worth it. Through love all things are possible.

And Lastly, I present you with a new paradigm that may inspire you.


The Sacred Super Mom



Sees the need for holistic integration

Delegates the roles she doesn’t enjoy to do to those who do, so her work feels like play

Is constantly upgrading the body

Knows that a healthy body is the most efficient and powerful tool she has


Relies on the power of her radiance and love

Sees the power of networking

Feels the world as one heart seeking the same love

Puts self-care ahead of everything

Trusts her intuition

Knows the necessity of silence

Relies on quality sleep to get her through the day

Integrates her children into her work in creative ways

Trusts in the power of attraction and the power setting the example

Focused on creating a product/service that is needed to bring love and light into the word

Trusts in the power of living your authentic passion, moment by moment

Integrates the feminine and the masculine in a way that is natural to her body and her essence



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