Greenproofing Certification

Eco-Maternity Consultant ™ (Self-Directed)

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Upon completing the 10 week training program, Eco-Maternity Consultants will have the ability to prepare their clients with the following services:

Home Safety Analysis, Non-toxic Feeding, Eco-friendly Diapering, Safe Skincare, Greening the Labor Room, Green Baby Living and Nursery, Green Product Selection, Green Child Care Search,  Holistic Practitioner Resources , New Parent,  Green Education Classes, Healthy Living Classes, GreenBirth ™ Educator Classes and much more.


Product Description

What is an Eco-Maternity Consultant?

Just as babyproofing is designed to prevent children from injuring themselves or doing damage around the home, a certified Eco-Maternity Consultant™ is a  meets with expecting or new families to provide education, support, and resources in  order to protect families and their children from unsafe exposure to potentially toxic substances in their home, on their body, and in their environment.

Through the IMI Eco-Maternity Consultant self-directed home study program, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to prepare pre-conceiving,  expecting, and new parents for  toxic free living  while expanding their career to work as a maternity eco-consultant and greenbirth educator.

The IMI Eco-Maternity Consultant course is a highly specialized training program designed to supplement or jumpstart your career to educate and prepare pre-conceiving, expecting, and new families on how they can prevent exposure from toxic substances that may pose a potential threat to the health of mother and baby.

This course covers the following topics:

Greenproofing the home, work place, location of birth, and nursery.



pregnancy and birth


postpartum and newborn care

skin and body care

food and nutrition

product awareness

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