International Maternity Institute Introduces Pre & Postnatal Stress Mangement Coaching

It’s with great excitement that the IMI and Ingrid Prueher introduce you to our newest certification, Pre & Postnatal Stress Mangement Coaching.
As we all know, stress is inevitable prior to conception, during pregnancy and post birth. This holds true for both women and men because there are so many decisions to make and changes that will need to occur, in order, to prepare them for those precious arrivals and beyond. 
Ingrid Prueher, founder and creator of the first pre & postnatal stress management coaching program™, will provide you with the tools you will need to alleviate your clients stressors.  You will learn about the fundamentals of stress, pregnancy and postpartum stress and its long term effects, relaxtion techniques, mental and physical stability, and creating plans to aid your clients.
This comprehensive course will be available in a twelve week, one hour, online course and begins on June 27, 2011. There will be weekly homework and an exam. Tuition Price is $1250. For more details and information, please contact us at
Ingrid Y. Prueher, CBP [IABPP], a Certified Baby Planner and Pre and Post Natal Stress Management Coach™, Founder of Savvy Mom on Call™ and Savvy Mami TV™, is dedicating her career to educating and empowering, preconceiving, expecting, new, and seasoned parents, about their options through their individualized parenthood journeys. Ingrid’s mission to help educate and empower families stem from her own experience of becoming a mom.
Ingrid formed Savvy Mom on Call™ in 2009, a bilingual baby planning, consulting and concierge business. She serves families in Connecticut (via, New York City (via and beyond. Most recently, she formed Savvy Mami TV™, a bilingual online web tv show that interviews parents, practitioners, authors, product designers in the maternity, baby, toddler and tween industry. The consulting, concierge and web tv show were created to educate and connect families with the many wonderful options that are available to them all over the world. Ingrid knows that there is not just one way to prepare or raise a child, nor is there just one type of resource or service available. Through her baby planning, consulting and concierge services and pre and post natal stress management coaching™ techniques, she will eliminate the stressors that go along with the many decisions families need to prepare for a new family member and the obstacles that come after.
Ingrid was born in Guatemala but was raised in New York and is fluent in Spanish. She received a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies from St. John’s University and a master’s degree in International Affairs from The New School. She has more than ten years of finance experience, is a Certified Stress Management Coach, a Certified Baby Planner, a Certified Educator for Dunstan Baby Language and The Happiest Baby on the Block programs. Ingrid is also the Co-President and Director of Events for the International Maternity Institute and a Baby Planner Educator of the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals. Lastly, she is the Director of Operations for Connecticut City Mommy.
Ingrid enjoys life with her husband and son in Fairfield, Connecticut and is expecting baby number two, due in February, 2011. In her spare time, she loves to travel, cook, dance, read and sing.

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