International Baby Planner Academy Announces the IABPP South American & Caribbean Division

San Francisco, CA— September 13, 2010 —With new certified baby planners in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals expands to offer a support group catered to the specific needs and culture of baby planner professionals in the Caribbean and South America.

Ana Anselmo, founder of Brazil’s ProjetoBB and the NYC Baby Planner, is the director and liaison for the IABPP South American and Caribbean division. She will be working closely along the side of Caribbean baby planners: Katrina Ball in Bermuda and Vanessa Rodriguez in Puerto Rico and South American baby planners: Jessica Oncoy in Peru and Mariela Seijo in Argentina.

Additionally, the IABPP’s baby planner certification course is now available in the languages of Portuguese and Spanish.

Founded in September 2009, The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals offers the first and only comprehensive certification courses in Baby Planning and Greenproofing. Their courses are designed to give baby planners and childbirth educators the tools to succeed by providing them with the best education, knowledge, and guidance that cover a variety of topics: business, marketing, sales, website and logo design, social media, time management, greenproofing, child safety, child care, birthing, breastfeeding, fitness, nutrition, postpartum and newborn care, grief and loss, fertility, and product basics. 

Their  mission is to inspire, support, and educate a global network of baby planners and childbirth educators through eco-friendly initiatives, creative and effective professionalism, business management, strong leadership, sales, and communication in order to provide expecting and new parents with exceptional service. Additionally, they support parents and businesses with a wealth of services and resources.    

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    Incredible…best of luck ladies!