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Are you a birth or postpartum professional that would like more support and mentoring?  Below is a list of our available IMPI mentors.  Whether you are a new student, current student or graduate, our mentors are available to work with you individually in a private session or in a small group to support you.

Rates are as follows:

Private One Hour Session: $100 (pro-rated 30 minutes rates are also available)

Group Session 2-5 participants:$130/hour/group (price is per group not individual)

Group Session 6-10 participants: $180/hour/group (price is per group not individual)

Getting Started: Select a mentor below that you would like to work with and fill out our Contact Form with your name, your email, the name of your chosen mentor, the area you would like support with, and whether you prefer a private or group session. Once we receive your message, we will send you and invoice for payment. Once payment as been submitted, your mentor will contact you back to set up a day and time to get started.



Mar De Carlo

Holistic  Adult & Child Sleep, Baby Planning, Eco-Consulting, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Coaching





Katie Forsythe

Business Coach Mentor








ann-cairdAnn Caird

Emotional Well-Being Child Sleep





Justine O’Neill

Maternity & Child Sleep

Justine ONeill is a Certified Holistic Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with a practice based in Los Angeles, Sleepy Bye Family. She works with private clients in the US and Canada and regularly leads sleep education forums throughout her community. She is passionate about approaching sleep holistically, does not believe that one size fits all when it comes to sleep solutions and insists that a sense of humor is your best asset in parenting!

Justine is also a mother of two rambunctious boys that are highly skilled in the art of potty humor and spilling juice on freshly mopped floors.





Anna Papra

Anna Papra

Family Sleep, Birth Psychology & Emotional Wellbeing







Maya Garbuz

Children with Special Needs Specialist





davidalex-1Maxine Sass

Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant, Early Childhood Educator & Multiples Specialist







Sophie Acott

Emotional Well-being, Birth Psychology, Hand in Hand Parenting







Amanda headshot dec 2016 (1)

Amanda Bude

Pregnancy Sleep Specialist







LindsayLindsay Gibson

Child Sleep, Grief/Loss, Spiritualism, Paranormal Education







Tamara Jurkin

Tamara Jurkin

Early Childhood Education ,Child Sleep, Paranormal Education and Psychology







Micah - 5 months (2)

Jessica Brodey

Child Sleep, Lactation Consulting, Business Law








Sabrina Stempel

Overall Infant and Child Sleep, Specializing in New Students and Graduates




sarah searle Sarah Searle

Childbirth Education






ananycbabyplannerAna Anselmo

Baby Planning Portuguese






marcia-horbacioMarcia Horbacio

Maternity & Child Sleep Consulting Portuguese, Postpartum Doula specializing in Multiples

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