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Mary Oscategui CBP, CGP, FSC

Mary Oscategui, Co- Founder and Executive Director of the Association of  Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC)  is an international business consultant and holistic educator who specializes in maternal sleep, health, fitness, nutrition and green living. She is also the Founder and President of the International Maternity Institute and

She is a leader in  educational program development and has been consulting and guiding hundreds of clients for the last 17 years.  She founded the first Family Sleep Consultant Certification program available via the International Maternity Institute. Her love for sleep training evolved from her pregnancy where she found herself challenged during her third trimester. Once her daughter, Bella Luna was born, she  found herself stuck with many different theories and conflicting advice. As a result she empowered herself to find the best option for sleep that worked for her and her family. 

She is the author of  “The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need To Know! The Ultimate Guide and Resource for Baby Planner Professionals,” and her latest book, “Green Body Green Birth”, is due to release soon.

Mary enjoys empowering, educating, and supporting expectant and new parents to know all their options so that they may confidently make informed decisions for themselves and their family in the healthiest and safest way. Mary also advises and coaches maternity professionals  offering a wealth of knowledge and support. Her enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, and knowledge has helped launch many maternity start-up businesses in 22 countries around the world. She enjoys helping business owners meet their challenges with clear and direct solutions.

Mary’s work in the health, fitness, and maternity industry is backed up by a multitude of prestigious certifications. She is a writer, speaker, educator, coach, baby planner, stress management coach, wellness coach, sleep consultant, certified yoga and pilates instructor, certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition consultant, going green consultant, greenproofer, and birthing options advocate.

Mary introduced a new approach to the baby planning industry by focusing on the needs of her clients through parental education and emotional support and established the first and only certification program in the baby planning industry.

Most recently Mary has been working to raise the bar for the sleep consulting industry by expanding the sleep consultant’s role to include working with expecting families, setting forth a formal definition, standards of practice and boundaries to practice for the sleep consulting profession via the IMI Sleep Consultant Certification.

Mary’s greatest joy is to see moms nourish their bodies, bellies, and babies. Mary’s  daughter, “Bella Luna” is a continuing inspiration for her career and personal development.  Currently Mary is expecting her second child, Taj Orion Sky, whom is due to arrive at the end of the summer. She is also fluent in Spanish  and resides in Marin, California.


Emily Schaffer PCD, CLE, CBP, CGP

Emily Schaffer brings over 18 years of professional work in the maternity industry and holds the following certifications: Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator, Sleep Consultant, Baby Planner, Greenproofer, GreenBirth Educator, Wholistic Infant Sleep Educator, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator and Newborn Care Instructor. She received her B.A. in Holistic Health at Prescott College in Arizona. She has helped hundreds of families get better night sleep and has worked thousands of hours in private homes directly with families. Emily is committed to helping with the transition into parenthood with physical and emotional support for the entire family. She emphasizes education so that new parents are better equipped to make informed decisions and have the skills to be successful.

Emily offers private consultations on baby planning, newborn care, breastfeeding & lactation advice, newborn sleep solutions, nursery preparation, greening your home and nanny hiring. In addition she also teaches various workshops in her local and on-line community. She has been published in several on-line resources: Marinmommies, SBParent and Barefoot & Pregnant. She speaks at at national conferences on Postpartum Care. Emily is Co-President of International Maternity Institute and serves on many Advisory Boards. Emily currently lives in her native hometown of Mill Valley, California with her husband and new baby girl.



Kathy Sinclair

By her own calculation, Kathy Sinclair has spent at least 2,856 nights without sleep so that parents of newborns could get theirs. In nearly 15 years as a neonatal specialist, she has comforted 100’s of newborns. She is, quite simply, one of the best in the business. And now, as head of Baby Sleep Solutions, a Sleep consultation service, Kathy makes house calls to families who need to get more sleep. Since 2000, Kathy has been helping families in Los Angeles get more sleep. Kathy has worked helped more than 100 families, including Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, Ryan and Christian Slater, Paul and Paula Reiser, Jenny and Jim Belushi, Penny and Nick Rhodes, D.B. and Ashley Sweeney and Willow Bay and Bob Iger. Kathy is a graduate of Australia’s prestigious Charlton Brown Nanny College, a certified post partum doula, lactation educator and a certified happiest baby on the Block educator. Her approach to sleep combines and focuses on all these components. With this approach, she creates an individualized plan for each family: putting a newborn on a schedule within days, assuring and educating frustrated mothers, and often restoring order-and humor-to the new family’s household. “It’s been seven months since she left my home,” says one Montecito mother, “and not a day goes by when I don’t use some tidbit of information I learned from her.” Kathy’s extraordinary relationship with newborns goes well beyond her education. “Our son Nicholas had severe colic for his first twelve weeks,” says one Los Angeles mother, “and Kathy’s personality was a life saver for our family. Her resume speaks for itself; however, it does not truly reflect her intuitiveness in knowing how to care for and calm babies.” Kathy Sinclair lives in Ventura, CA with her husband, a mechanical engineer, and their dogs, Kaia, Jette and Saxon.


Karen Pollak

Karen Pollak, founder and principal of “Babies to Sleep”, is a well known infant and toddler sleep coach. In 2001 Karen founded DoubleTalk, LLC a support and education program for new parents of twins. Several hundred participants later Karen realized the need for sleep education and support for her clients with multiples; thus the birth of babies2sleep.

For over 10 years Karen has mentored thousands of new and expectant parents throughout North America, helping them thrive during this joyful but demanding time in their lives. Her unique ‘babies2sleep system’ provides practical and effective solutions to day-to-day sleep challenges. Throughout her practice, Karen has helped countless families enhance the quality of their home life and establish positive relationships with their young children by establishing healthy sleep habits.

Karen regularly offers educational seminars to parents throughout the country and has been the featured guest on numerous radio programs and a contributing writer for on-line and print publications. She has the privilege of presenting her sleep principles through educational seminars for pediatricians to assist them in providing information and guidance to their own patients.

When Karen was a new mother of twins she learned firsthand the significant impact that sleep deprivation had on new parents. Finding support and solutions to sleep struggles was an important, unmet need. In the decade since launching her practice, Karen has helped families achieve their sleep objectives in a compassionate and practical way. Karen’s ability to understand each family’s unique situation and offer sensible solutions is the cornerstone of her success.

Karen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her three teen-aged sons, including fraternal twins. She is a member of the National Sleep Foundation.



Rebecca Michi

Rebecca grew up in The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, England, UK. She received one of the most recognizable Childcare qualifications in the world, the National Nursery Examining Board (The qualification has since been renamed CACHE level 3. ), at East Berkshire College, England, UK. The qualification gives students hands on experience in addition to the academic curriculum which covers the physical, educational, social, emotional and intellectual needs of different ages. Other areas of study include health and hygiene, play, and first aid. After achieving her qualifications, Rebecca worked in a number of different childcare settings with children between the ages of 6 weeks and 8 years. She quickly advanced from Nursery Nurse to Officer in Charge (Manager). By the age of 23 she had become the youngest Childcare Manager in the United Kingdom for a national childcare chain. Rebecca stopped working in a childcare setting in 2001 when her husband’s job took them to Brazil for four years. Whilst living in Brazil, they had two daughters, now ages seven and eight. Since leaving Brazil, the family has lived in Europe and the United States, having settled in Seattle. How did Rebecca become a children’s sleep specialist? “I started my parent coaching business working with families on a whole range of different parenting issues. I worked with many families who were having a hard time dealing with tantrums. When working with these families it became apparent that many of the children were sleep deprived and getting very little sleep. No wonder they were having a lots of tantrums. I’d be feeling grumpy if I was only getting around 5 hours sleep a night! The ‘Finally get some sleep’ coaching program was born in 2009. Since then it has evolved to not just individual coaching, but with the introduction of group coaching I am able to reach more and more tired families. The ‘Finally get some sleep’ coaching program is hugely successful. It give parents and children the sleep they really need and truly deserve.” Rebecca has recently introduced the ‘Newborn finally get some sleep consultation’. This gives parents of newborn the chance to tap into Rebecca’s wealth of knowledge and encourage wonderful sleep habits. Rebecca is the host of The Rebecca Michi Show, a parenting radio show which airs weekly on KKNW 1150AM, Monday’s at 2 pm. Rebecca is a board member of The Washington Parent Education Network.

Jessica Shapley LMSW, CIH, CMT

For over fifteen years Jessica Shapley has helped hundreds of parents care for their children and themselves, by providing counseling and supportive services to groups, individuals and families. As a licensed social worker and mother of two, Jessica brings her personal and professional experience as well as her passion to everything she does. Jessica loves to watch new parents rest their fears and come to ease around parenting, by learning about their babies and themselves as parents. She is enthusiastic in bringing parents together to build community, establish support networks, combat isolation and to normalize the experience of being a new parent. Most importantly, she brings a sense of ease, lightness and practicality to every situation. Whether she is counseling individuals, couples or groups, Jessica’s philosophy is to empower parents to find the tools and resources within their own lives to get them through the transitional times that (new) parenthood presents. Jessica has appeared in media, including the Early Show on CBS, Time Out New York Kids magazine and more. You can read her weekly parenting column in the Manhattan Times News. Jessica earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Boston University and her MSW from Columbia University. She is certified in Integral Health Counseling, massage therapy and is certified to teach infant massage. Jessica lives with her husband and two children in Manhattan.


Pam Nease

Described as a miracle worker by her clients, Pam Nease left a successful career in the Fall of 2009 to open up her own business as a Sleep Consultant. She rescues babies and children from the plight of sleep deprivation by showing parents how to give their little ones the beautiful gift and skill of sleep.

Pam meets with clients in person, over the phone and offers group seminars.

She has appeared on the radio, is the sleep expert for two magazines and is a sought after keynote speaker for Baby Fairs across the Okanagan.

Based in Kelowna BC, she has a growing local & international clientele which ranges from single parents to NHL Hockey Players, Celebrities, Nurses and Family Physicians.

For more great information and your FREE copy of the 5 Easy Steps to baby sleep, please visit her website at She would also love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.


Angel Crow

Angel Crow is the owner of Baby You, LLC, an Infant Sleep Consulting company that strives to provide parents with the guidance, support and education needed to guide their babies into healthy sleep patterns. In her 15 years of experience serving families in a variety of settings, Angel has touched the lives of hundreds of babies and families around the country. In 2009, after receiving her certification as an Infant Sleep Consultant through the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic in Croydon, England, Angel stepped out and created her own sleep consulting company. Angel’s goal is to walk alongside parents, empowering them to guide their babies into healthy sleep habits.

Angel’s services include in-home or skype/phone sleep consultations, personalized sleep plans for infants and children, pre-birth consultations, daily support and private infant care training for new parents. Angel has been featured in Dallas Child Magazine, CRAVE Dallas, NBC DFW evening news and makes quarterly appearances on Good Morning Texas. She has also been a featured guest on the Not So Perfect Radio Show. Angel is a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant, Certified Happiest Baby Educator and Certified Newborn Care Specialist. As the Nanny Educator for Mom’s Best Friend child care agency, Angel teaches Baby Basics, Sleep Training 101 and Night Nanny Certification classes, as well as speaking on a regular basis at mom’s groups, mothers of multiples groups and MOPS groups.



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