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Our next online LIVE Baby Planner Certification course begins in MAY 2013! Our SELF-DIRECTED Baby Planner Certification course can begin at anytime.

******* available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese!

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Want to learn how to launch, market, and grow a successful baby planner or maternity concierge business? Do you dream of starting your own business working with expecting and new families?

A baby planner is one of the few jobs that offers so many benefits. As a certified baby planner you will have a job that is empowering, fulfilling, creative, intimate, and worthwhile. By starting your own baby planning business, you have the freedom to be your own boss and the potential to earn a great income while participating in the most miraculous journey of expectant parents’ lives.

The baby planner business professional certification program provides the highest level of preparation and education to support baby planning businesses. It is an interactive online course that includes a comprehensive in depth study of all areas related to baby planning, maternity, going green, business, marketing, website/logo design, and sales.

As a certified baby planner through the IABPP via the IMI, your role extends beyond assisting clients with overwhelming tasks and selecting baby gear. We prepare our students to be maternity consultants who provide support, information, education and resources to new and expecting parents. By evaluating their clients specific needs and providing them with the appropriate information, education and resources, certified baby planners empower their clients to make the best decisions for their growing family.

The IABPP via the IMI is proud to be the leader in educating baby planners. In fact, we are the first and only training program to offer certification in baby planning and greenproofing. At the Institute, our courses are designed to give baby planners and childbirth professionals the tools they need to succeed in their field. By providing them with a well-rounded education, our baby planners are able to offer support and guidance to their clients throughout their pregnancy journey and beyond.

Our mission is to inspire, support and educate a global network of baby planners and childbirth professionals. Through our eco-friendly initiatives, diverse educational programming, professional networking, commitment to professionalism and a desire to provide exceptional service to new and expecting parents, we are recognized as the authority on the baby planning industry.

Mary Oscategui, the founder of IABPP and IMI, along with her talented faculty and advisory board, support and guide each student with a tremendous amount of knowledge, passion, and dedication. Our dedicated teacher trainers around the world are available to support your local needs. In addition you will have the opportunity to learn and grow with our students and baby planner members from around the world.

Our level 1 baby planner certification comprehensive courses offer participants a complete business and career package.

You will learn:

  • how to structure a successful baby planner business model suitable to meet your unique vision and mission.
  • exploration of all areas related to baby planning
  • how to obtain and retain clients
  • website and logo design
  • marketing and advertising including social media
  • sales and pricing structure for a profitable business
  • coaching and communication
  • how to deal with competition
  • tools and resources to expand and drive your business forward
  • liability and insurance
  • client forms and contracts
  • partnerships with key players in the baby planning industry
  • How to deal with start-up challenges
  • History of Baby Planning: An exciting new career
  • Statistics
  • What exactly is a Baby Planner?: Scope of Practice
  • What credentials and background are necessary?
  • Before you begin: Necessary Factors
  • Finding a Domain Name
  • Legalities and Disclaimers
  • Specifying your role and area of expertise
  • Who are your clients and what are their needs?
  • Maternity Consultant vs Maternity Concierge
  • Baby Planner Services
  • Networking with vendors and practitioners
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Birthing Options and Preparation including Birth Plan
  • Green Basics
  • Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Basics
  • Allergies and Medication
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Grief and Loss
  • Postpartum Care
  • Newborn Care
  • Sleeping Basics
  • Child Proofing Basics
  • Greenproofing
  • Child Care Basics
  • Product Basics

Your investment:

16 Week LIVE Intensive Course:

Tuition: Includes 4 Week Intro $599 and 12 week Certification $1900

Intro class is Free when register by March 31 2012 ** (payment plans available)

($675 deposit required to register and reserve your spot.)

Location: Online Interactive Webinar done from the comfort of your home.

Space is limited.

SELF-DIRECTED Course can begin at anytime.

Tuition: $925

Location: Online Interactive Webinar done from the comfort of your home.

**Payment Plans are accepted. Contact us for additional discounts and promotions.

For more details please contact us at

Please call 415.937.1602 for more information.


“Mary Oscategui is, in my educated opinion, the world’s most informed, inspiring and professional Baby Planner today! Sitting under her amazing tutelage and being apart of her interactive course is the ultimate place to be if you are pursuing a career as a maternity consultant. You will come away from this experience with every tool necessary to succeed and thrive in this exciting and growing field.”

Jenni June
2012 Baby Planner Certification Graduate

“I had been in the infant and maternity industry for years and knew that I wanted to become a Baby Planner. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to Mary Oscategui and the International Maternity Institute that I felt comfortable moving forward with my goal. It was the credibility her courses provided to the role of Baby Planner and and the foundation business training reinforced that allowed my dream career to come to fruition. I currently have my certification in Baby Planning and Greenproofing and look forward to starting the Sleep Consultant course this Spring. I now have the most inspiring and fulfilling job I can imagine!”.

Annie Mullens
2011 Baby Planner Graduate and Greenproofer

”I picked up the stress management coach from the maternity institute, for a very important reason: my sister (who has depression), and off course for my customers too. Additionally, I am taking the baby planner certification. The courses have shown great success, as I try to implement what I learn into my work, but the most importantly it has helped my sister to slowly walk out from her depression ………I strongly recommend the maternity stress management and baby planner course. The education has been ideal to build my business, as my business is about dealing with people’s health, stress, emotions, and confidence. I will continue to explore more with maternity institute to build up my brain with more knowledge. Thank you Mary! Thank you Maternity institute! God Bless!”

Yvette Chiang
 2012 Maternity Stress Management Coach & Baby Planner Graduate

“I love being a baby planner !

Being a baby planner is helping moms and dads during conception, pregnancy and baby’s arrival by giving them customized information and support them to make the best decision for them. The IABPP Baby Planner 16 week program is the best way to learn all the answers to formulating a baby planner business and career. Since I’ve started my course, I’ve learned a lot about maternity, babies but also business; very useful business notions that guide you through to build your own baby planner company. We’ve been studying a variety maternity subjects that I am really happy to know better as a baby planner but as a mommy too. The classes are easy to attend on the Internet and well organized. You can also share ideas and tips with others baby planners-to-be. Homeworks are useful and helpful. Ms Oscategui is really easy to reach, flexible and very professional. She really knows her stuff.

I can’t wait to begin my Green Proofer course. Baby Planner It’s a good certified profession that can help you become the mompreneur you’ve always dreamed of. Vamos Mamas !”

Marie-Pier Villeneuve

Baby Planner, Quebec

“Mary has been the best connection I made during the year 2011 and to meet her has been a great present for me and for my business. She made me open my mind and my eyes and now it is clear that my way will be that of supporting and helping women in becoming conscious and happy moms.

Her guide has always been so stimulating and supportive and I really hope to be as good as her with my future clients.

Michela Fratus

2011 Baby Planner and 2012 Maternity Stress Management Coach Graduate


About the IABPP

Founded in September 2009, the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals (IABPP) is at the forefront of a movement that empowers expecting and new parents to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies by utilizing the support, information, education and resources made available by a certified baby planner.

By introducing a new approach to the baby planning industry that focuses on educating baby planners to provide appropriate, client-centered and directed support and education, the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals has set the standard of excellence for the baby planning industry.


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