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The International Maternity and Parenting Institute™ provides the world’s most progressive and holistic education for birth and postpartum professionals with evidence-based training, certification and global support at all business stages.  We are represented in 46 countries and specialize offering individual and combined master certification programs in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. 


Launch your career in Birth & Postpartum…

-Get Certified & Accredited to Do What You Love
-Empower Families by providing information, education and resources to preconceiving, new and expecting parents
-Join a Global Community that is committed to higher Standards for Maternity Care


At the International Maternity and Parenting Institute™, you’ll receive maternity education and business training through our online courses that will allow you to start a successful maternity practice in (click below to learn more):


PRICES for all courses will be changing and increasing with the launch of our new website August 2019. You may purchase courses at current price listed here until new website is launched. 

Baby Planner Professional

Holistic Childbirth Educator

Birth Doula French Program

Integrative Breastfeeding Educator

Eco-Maternity Consultant

Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant

Integrative Adult Sleep Coach

Pre-Post Natal Nutrition Coach

Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Pre-Post Natal Health Coach

Holistic Maternity & Parenting Practitioner

Master Your Business The Holistic Way

Integrative Health & Lifestyle Health Coach Program 


New Programs Coming Out Soon

Stay Tuned For More Information


Integrative Nutrition Coach

Physical Awakening Movement  & Expressive Arts Coach

Health – Lifestyle – Relationship Practitioner

Continuing Education Programs

Conscious Parenting Workout

Livelihood Parenting

        Yoga for Pregnancy & Child Sleep

Yoga for Stress

Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Postpartum

Pre & Post Natal Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance for Parents