Family Prep

FamilyPrep is a unique curriculum that prepares and support parents with skills and knowledge in order to build confidence, connections and a strong family bond. With this program, parents will have the opportunity to learn, both before and after the birth of their baby, about the reality of parenting. Information is presented in an unbiased, comprehensive format. There are no instructions for parenting, nor should there be. Each family is unique, each family has strengths, and each family deserves to make informed decisions about how to raise their children. The goal of FamilyPrep is to bring together topics that are usually presented in fragmented silos and offer a wide-range of solutions and approaches so each family can decide what is best for them. Feeding and sleep. Safety and sleep. Safety and development. The bond between parent and baby, and the bond between parents. Emotional wellness of the entire family. These are a few examples of topics that FamilyPrep will help families navigate and understand how they are inter-related. IMPI FamilyPrep is inclusive and supportive of all family dynamics and recognizes there is more than one way to create a family and raise a family.
Because parenting can be so overwhelming, IMPI FamilyPrep will not shy away from discussing the challenges; but will also help parents reflect, be mindful, and appreciate the parenting journey they are experiencing. FamilyPrep will prepare parents with skills and knowledge; and equally important, will foster confidence and connections. We all need a community and as a result IMPI is honored to help parents learn, grow, and thrive with FamilyPrep.

Free Workshops 2015
We are launching FamilyPrep in January 2015. Please join us for a free introductory workshop where you will: learn more about the curriculum;  gain insight into the important questions you’ll want to think about as you prepare for parenthood; discuss the topics you’ll be experiencing in your parenting journey; and understand how the IMPI can support you as you create and raise your family. 


Friday, February 13th
Little Lovage Club
Saturday, Jan 17th 
South Shore Learning Lab
Sunday, February 8th
11am-12:30pm at Marblehead Parenting


Saturday, January 24th
Marin Business Sanctuary

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