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“Changing the Way Moms Do Business”


Have you started a business and can’t seem to get it going or growing?

Are you having a hard time attracting clients?

Have you been told not to expect making money for at least 18-36 months or longer?

Do you believe that the slow economy has made it extra difficult for your business to succeed?

Do you find others doubting or challenging your business?

Do you find yourself struggling to balance work and family life?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, this webinar was made just for you.

Become part of the new movement that is changing the way moms do business!

  Mary Oscategui, inspiring and influential mompreneur, brings you the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and breathe through yoga, pilates, nutrition, dance, song, guest speakers, and much more as she shares with you:

  • The Laws of Mompreneur Success
  • The Art of Self-Care for Mompreneurs
  • Mompreneur Sisterhood: Putting An End To Competition
  • Empower Yourself, Empower Your Children
  • Finding Love & Strength In Your Relationship
  • The Essentials of Mompreneur Single Parenting

Also learn about Mary’s amazing journey: how she made money and attracted clients overnight, dealt with strong and unwelcoming competition, a very challenging relationship, motherhood and much more!  Be prepared to laugh, cry, be surprised, and inspired. Children are welcome! Childcare is provided.


Pomegranate Prenatal & Yoga Parent Center

San Anselmo, CA

Saturday March 2 2013



Stay tuned for more locations…

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 About Mary

Mary Oscategui, mom to a four and a half year old girl and a two month old boy, is the founder of the International Maternity Institute, International Academy of Baby Planners, The Baby Planner, and Physical Awakening.  She is co-founder of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and Baby Gear Industry Alliance. She is also an educational content developer for the International Maternity Institute and author of “The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need To Know” and “Green Body Green Birth”. Mary is a mompreneur who has overcome many challenges, stressful situations, and has supported hundreds of mompreneurs, maternity and postpartum professionals. When leaving her native roots in the east coast to move to Hawaii for love, she did not realize that life was preparing her for a tremednously challenging, life changing, and tremendously rewarding journey. In every one of these challenges Mary faced, she found opportunity, growth,  and gratitude which has led to her continued success. Below are some of the challenges Mary turned into successful opportunities:

  • Becoming unexpectedly pregnant in a new relationship that turned sour
  • Living in a new area without any family or close friends during her pregnancy and after birth
  • Establishing and launching a new business while being met with personal challenges
  • Becoming a single parent and moving to another new area after just getting settled and establishing a successful business
  • Facing the choice, as a single parent, of either working full time away from her one and a half year old daughter or staying at home to care for her.
  • Being met with very competitive mompreneurs
  • From owning a personal consulting business to starting and growing a global maternity organization represented in twenty three countries
  • Balancing work, children, and self-care
  • Pregnant with a second child while running an expanding organization

Mary’s passion, warmth, support and strength is contagious.  Her greatest joy is to help moms nourish their body, belly, children, and business.

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