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IMPI’s Continuing Education Program

The International Maternity and Parenting Institute™ (IMPI) is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Continuing Education Program, led by our Director of Continuing Education, Jessica Brodey.  The Continuing Education Program offers educational online webinars targeted towards the needs of maternity and birth professionals.  Topics will include:  Sleep, Breastfeeding, Health and Nutrition, Greening, Parenting, Disability, and Business and Law.  We hope to address the needs of a wide range of professionals, including counselors, therapists, baby planners, sleep consultants, doulas, birth workers, nurses, lactation professionals, newborn care specialists, nannies, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and educators.


Looking for a holistic approach to deal with child sleep challenges that is not primarily based on behavior based?

Learn about the Holistic Science of Sleep Method.



Gentle Ways to Help Your Whole Family Sleep Better

 A conversation with Mar Oscategui and Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

Are you currently experiencing sleep issues with your child(ren)? Are you confused about what is the best way to help your child fall – and stay – asleep? Have you read about (and tried) numerous recommended strategies to help your child(ren) sleep, only to still find yourself struggling?

If so, help is here in the form of an enlightening and informative conversation, Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better, with Rebecca Thompson Hitt of The Consciously Parenting Project/ and Mar Oscategui, founder of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. In just over an hour, you can learn how to change your families sleep struggles by changing your perspective. 

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Busting the Myths on Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep


Instructor:  Jessica Brodey, JD, CLC, MACSC

Description:  Sleep (or lack thereof) is one of the most often-cited reasons that many new moms quit breastfeeding.  During this one hour class, we will discuss the various myths surrounding breastfeeding and sleep, and the actual relationship between sleep and breastfeeding.  This webinar includes recommendations to promote healthy sleep habits without interfering with the breastfeeding relationship.

Course Fee:  Free.

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Understanding and Supporting Families Affected by Disability


Instructor:  Jessica Brodey, JD, CLC, MACSC

Description: We will define and discuss the different types of disabilities, identify the population of people with disabilities and identify the basic barriers/challenges faced by families affected by disability and the varying cultural views on disability.  We will review the particular stressors impacting families affected by disability, address appropriate language and etiquette for discussing disability with families, and understand how disability impacts the lives of families.  Finally, we will discuss the different resources that are available for families with disabilities, and briefly address how to identify the various resources in your community.

Course Fee:  Free.

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Via The Consciously Parenting Project, IMPI is thrilled to offer this 4-part series on infant and toddler sleep. Rebecca Thompson, founder of The Consciously Parenting Project is teaming up with Ray Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST® and renowned midwife Mary Jackson to share cutting-edge information in ways you can work with infant and toddler sleep. 

They follow one family through their journey as they seek help for their sleep struggles with their daughter. You’ll get to know their story and the sleep struggles they have with their daughter Beata who is almost 3 years old. Listen as Ray, Mary and Rebecca give suggestions for Beth and Scott to try, and further discuss the underlying reasons for Beata’s sleep challenges that trace back to early experiences in her life.

Fee:  $50


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 Empowering Parents: An Individualized Approach

to Teaching Child Behavior Management


Instructor:  Dr. Dan Shapiro, MD, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

Description:  The course is designed to help professionals work with caregivers to identify the source of their child’s behavior and learn what they can do about it. During this webinar, Dr. Shapiro provides a general overview of key behavioral challenges and provides proactive strategies for addressing the needs of children with difficult temperaments and developmental differences.

Course Fee:  $50

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The Relationship Between Parent and Child Sleep with Dr. Rubin Naiman


Description: This presentation explores the parent-child bonding power of sleep.  Through an artful blend of sleep science with complementary and alternative medicine, Dr Naiman’s work offers powerful integrative medicine strategies to support healthy sleep. Dr. Rubin Naiman is an internationally recognized leader in integrative sleep and dream medicine and research. He is the esteemed sleep specialist at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil, the Director of Circadian Health Associates and a practicing psychologist for more than 20 years.  To learn more about Dr Naiman, visit:


CEC’s available

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The Importance of Emotional Well-Being in Child Sleep Consultancy


Instructor:  Ann Caird

Description:  We will review the benefits of considering and working with the parent and child’s emotional well-being within the sleep work process; including benefits, appropriate strategies and techniques and examples from practice.

Course Fee:  $50

CEUs available.

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