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We are pleased to to support pre-conceiving, expecting and new parents through our network of talented maternity practitioners.


Coming May 14 2012

5pm pacific time/8pm eastern

Preparing For Twins

with Childcare and Multiples Expert, Michelle LaRowe

Expecting twins? With over 15 years of experience working exclusively with families of multiples, and as a former columnist for TWINS Magazine, The Cape Cod Baby Planner will help you prepare to welcome your babies with confidence. From the must haves, to the must do’s, The Cape Cod Baby Planner will share the best tips and tricks for managing multiples.

Investment: $65

To enroll email us at



 Past Classes

Coming April 8 2012

6pm pacific time/9pm eastern


“A Holsitic Approach to Soothing Your Baby”

This 4 week online class taught by Certified Baby Planner, Maternity Stress Management Coach, and Happiest Baby on The Block Educator, Amanda Hammond will address a variety of issues associated with a fussy baby and how to cope. Additionally, Amanda will provide safe and effective solutions to meet your parenting needs. Each class is one hour and you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

Topics covered during the 4 weeks include:

Week 1

The Whys of Cries: You will learn the variety of reasons babies cry to understand

the root cause.

Week 2

How Crying Affects Parents and Their Baby and How To Cope.

Week 3

Solutions and Techniques

Week 4

Health & Safety to maintain a calm and Happy Baby

Investment: $125

To enroll email us at



Why Essential Parenting?

Inside every parent lies an intuitive sense of what their children need to grow into their full potential. But in the craziness of everyday life, we can sometimes second guess ourselves and lose touch with our innate wisdom.

Essential Parenting seeks to keep you in touch with your “wise and loving heart” while simultaneously increasing your understanding of how human beings are best supported in becoming “fully themselves” — reaching their full potential as human beings and ultimately sharing their gifts with the world.

Visit for loads of free materials that will help you become the best parent you can be.

Chris White, M.D., is a board-certified pediatrician, parent educator, and life coach. He is the creator and director of Essential Parenting, an organization that emphasizes the psycho-emotional development of children and their parents.

Over the past 15 years, Chris has committed himself to mindfulness practice, meditation, inquiry, and many other somatic practices. He says that it’s these practices—more than any textbook—that have taught him the most about human behavior and guide him in his work in supporting people to continue growing across their lifespan.
Read more about Chris…

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