Certified Baby Planner, Ana Anselmo Makes Headlines in Brazil

One of our first graduates and certified baby planner Ana Anselmo is busy with clients and making headlines in Brazil!

Ana Anselmo and Viviane Paulucci founded Projetobb in 2008 in Brazil, but for personal reasons Ana Anselmo arrived to USA and accepted a full time job in the Hamptons. She enrolled in the first baby planner certification program offered by The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals because she knew the international certification would open many doors for her business in Brazil. She met every class with enthusiasm, passion, and hard work.

Although she worked in a demanding full-time job, she spent every second of her free time learning all there is to know about the world of baby planning and how to run the business in Brazil. She shared many great ideas with other students in the program and even went out of her way to attend extra classes and events. There were some doubts since English was not her first language, but she overcame them as she continued to be inspired to pursue her dream in Brazil. She established great connections with key industry players in NYC and founded NYC Baby Planner.

Upon completing her baby planner certification, she made the decision to leave her full-time job to pursue her baby planning career in Brazil with her partner Viviane. Within a couple of months, word spread like wild fire in Brazil and she found herself and her partner on a plane to meet potential clients and business owners. Both met with hospitals, maternity retailers, and expecting clients. Both calendars began filling up very quickly and within six weeks, not only both were busy with clients, but the number one newspaper in Brazil ran a full cover story on their business.

Ana is a great example of a baby planner whose work and education has truly paid off. Her dream has now become her reality.

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