Become a Certified Baby Planner & Launch a Successful Business

Steps to Becoming a Certified Baby Planner

[wp_twitter]If you are interested in starting a baby planning business, becoming a baby planner, or receiving support for your established baby planning business consider becoming certified:

Certified Baby Planners are maternity consultants whose role extends beyond that of a typical baby planner/maternity concierge. By evaluating their clients specific needs, introducing their clients to a variety of options on pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum and parenting topics, and providing them with the appropriate information, education and resources, certified baby planners empower their clients to make the best decisions for their growing family.

Certified baby planners take their careers to the next level by completing an accredited and reputable educational program through the IABPP via the International Maternity Institute that equips them to launch, operate, and manage their own baby planning business. Earning a certification blended with personal experience is a priceless asset baby planners can use to build their credibility and stand out in the baby planning market. Many IABPP students begin working with paid clients even before graduating.

Steps to becoming a Certified Baby Planner involve:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Support
  • Course attendance
  • Completion of course assignments and a final exam
  • Preparation
  • Time Management
  • Practice

If you currently work with parents as a maternity professional such as a doula, lactation consultant, coach, sleep consultant, nurse, or nanny, becoming a certified baby planner will allow you to expand your service offerings.

A certified baby planner does not diagnose, treat, examine or medically advise their clients. Unless a baby planner has additional training or a specialized certification or license in a specific area of practice, a certified baby planner does not prescribe or attempt to perform additional services that require advanced training. While some certified baby planners may have the additional training, certification or licensing needed to offer services like designing exercise programs and plans, recommending diets or nutritional programs, baby proofing, installing or inspecting car seats, providing therapy, giving pre- or postnatal massage or providing personal training, doula or midwifery services, these practices are outside of a certified baby planners scope of practice.

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About The Baby Planner Certification

The IABPP Baby Planner Certification is the only accredited baby planner course provided by an organization in the maternity industry that provides cutting edge, evidenced based global education with a comprehensive and holistic outlook on the role of a baby planner and the relationship to their clients. The IABPP Baby Planner Course provides participants with complete preparation to successfully launch or manage a business for their specific market. 

About The International Maternity Institute and International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals

Founded in September 2009, the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals (IABPP) is at the forefront of a movement that empowers expecting and new parents to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies by utilizing the support, information, education and resources made available by a certified baby planner.

By introducing a new approach that focuses on educating baby planners to provide appropriate, client-centered and directed support and education, the IABPP has set the standard of excellence for the baby planning industry.

In December 2010, the IABPP expanded to become the International Maternity Institute (IMI) in order to provide cutting edge, evidenced based educational programs, products and services for the maternity professional specializing in baby planning, greenproofing, and green birth education.  The Institute provides personalized training that enables students to develop a practice or utilize the education they receive to expand their current business offerings. The International Maternity Institute also hosts a variety of continuing education programs that are offered through their maternity affiliates.

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