BABY PLANNERS: PRICELESS ALLIES by Marie Rivera, Certified Baby Planner Graduate

There are many misconceptions about this new and emerging industry known as baby planning. One of the most popular misconceptions is that we are product experts and help you set up your registry. But really, for all that, why not just ask one of your female mommy friends, right? But let’s face it, she may be one of your closest friends but that doesn’t mean you necessarily see eye to eye with her when it comes to clothing, hairstyles or makeup let alone health or baby related issues. That’s because you, just like most smart consumers, know that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

This is where baby planners can be your new “BF”. Unlike your friend who only means well, we help you objectively find the best product for YOU, not anyone else. The breast pump, stroller or crib that she raved about may not be the right fit for you. But because you were smart and selected the services of a qualified baby planner, you were given the tools and education to make an informed decision that put you and your baby on the right track and not down a path that would’ve lead to frustration, stress and even that awkward “Never Again!” call to your friend. Baby planners also have the extra edge because we are constantly searching to remain up to date with all the latest safety concerns and recalls. Your friend on the other hand, may not have even registered the product she is referring to you that may have been potentially recalled or been deemed unsafe.

Product expertise is only one of the many fortes we deal with. We also help you figure out what hospital or birth center you will deliver at, what medications, if any, will you take when labor starts, what childbirth classes best fit your personality, beliefs or needs and what services are going to make this the best pregnancy that you have had. As you can see the reoccurring theme is that we just want what is best for you and we are here to help you utilize the many options and services that are available to you. We do all of the legwork, hours of online and field research to only bring you quality products and services and credible information and resources. We want to save you stress, time and yes, MONEY. We are not here to be some luxury that only the elite can purchase, in fact most of us offer different payment structures that allow clients to tailor our services to their budget. For example, you cannot get a maternity fashion makeover, beautiful nursery, baby moon package and personalized in home consultations about health and nutrition without spending some money but for those of you that are just looking for expert guidance on what resources you can use and look more into on your own, what services are available in your area and what professionals can help you with specific pregnancy/baby related issues, the services of a baby planner will not only benefit your wallet, baby and sanity but your schedule as well.

Many of us in today’s society are already juggling over packed schedules, and a new pregnancy may have your brain in over drive with thoughts of all the things you have to get done, organize, schedule, buy, how long it has been since your last child was born, etc. Now combine that with the hormones and changes happening in your body, that are now attacking that once elephant sharp memory of yours and leaving you more tired than the time you thought hitting up 3 outlet malls in one day was a good idea, and this leads to one unhappy, frustrated, emotional and super stressed mommy. And that isn’t good for your or your baby’s health; feel free to ask your doctor.  A baby planner can help you take a step back to breathe and remind you have plenty of time to get everything done, especially with your new helping hand, and clearly the first thing is to figure out a plan. Together you guys can create an organized, practical plan of attack and suddenly with your arsenal of resources, materials and help from your trusted ally, your baby planner, this pregnancy is no longer scary. You will truly be able to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful, miraculous process happening inside your body and focus on how life is about to change in the best way forever and that you are giving your baby the best start possible. And that peace of mind is PRICELESS.

Marie Rivera

Bundle of Joy Consulting

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  1. Wonderfully written article. Thanks Marie! I look forward to sharing this with everyone I know.