Awakening Through Sleep: An Integrative Child Sleep Foundations Solution

After birth, sleep is usually the next largest challenge for a family. How we address this as professionals and parents can lead us down a path of ease or frustration. Infant and child sleep carries with it not only so much controversy but also in many cases causes overwhelm, stress and a loss of family connection. These families have been sleep deprived for weeks and sometimes even months which can have a negative and even traumatic effect even after experiencing a healthy and powerful birth. Child sleep challenges are not just a child issue but a family issue. When a child is experiencing sleep challenges, the whole family is affected by it.

Many families hire child sleep consultants usually a few months after the baby is born, who resort to behavior methods known as sleep training such as cry it out, no cry it out or gentle sleep overlooking many important foundations that are not currently covered and discussed in the most popular sleep resources like books, websites and with your average child sleep consultants. .In addition there is very little support or education exists to support families with sleep challenges during pregnancy and the newborn stages before reaching out to a child sleep consultant.

Enter in Mar De Carlo, founder of the International Maternity & Parenting Institute and Association of Professional Sleep Consultants who has revolutionized the world of child sleep by introducing an integrative approach to family sleep that transcends the current model and brings with it the opportunity for deep connection, joy and rest.

Based on Mar’s upcoming book,”Awakening Through Sleep: A transformational and spiritual guide for pregnancy, parent and child sleep” coming out soon, this Complimentary workshop is designed for professionals and parents.

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