A Modern Blessingway Ceremony for the Mother to Be

by Saray Hill, IMI Spanish Director and Baby Planner Graduate

Pregnancy and birth are key factors in a woman’s life that mark her in many different ways forever. Often times we tend to forget about what the mother’s body, mind and spirit are going through during pregnancy. It’s imperative to take good care of these areas as they are the baby’s first environment/home.

Blessingways are an excellent way to make sure those areas are nourished. A Blessingway is a very nurturing ceremony that celebrates the mother’s passage into motherhood and prepares her mind, soul and spirit for the birthing process. In the opposite of Baby showers where gifts are brought to celebrate the baby, gifts at Blessingways ceremonies focus on nurturing the mother as she is the focus of the celebration. During the ceremony, everyone’s energy, blessings and good wishes for the mother’s birth are brought up, along with many beautiful and unique rituals (combing of the mother’s hair, washing of her feet), foods, teas, prayers and chanting, among others, that create a web of support and sisterhood to recharge the mother’s heart and body with good energy.

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If the mother to be’s family and/or friends aren’t local, a virtual Blessingway can be held. A family member or her Baby Planner can gift this to her and I can assure it will be something she will always treasure in her heart! If you are hosting this event for the mother to be, consider the following:

• Ask the mother to be who are those special, important, wise women/men in her life that she would like to be present with her during this pregnancy and birth. Why is it that she needs them there? What are her fears? What is her vision for this birth? What are her spiritual beliefs if any? Preferences? Styles, etc.? The more you know about her, the better you can create a Blessingway that can help her achieve the birth she envisions. Also, if you are working on the Blessingway secretly, make sure that the person who is helping you also knows all of the above.

• Find an online conference service that can host face-to-face meetings and make sure you can record the ceremony so the mom can keep it as a Keepsake. She might even like to play it during her labor to feel all the love and good energy from the people who love her.

• When inviting the guests, make sure to include a brief explanation of what a Blessingway is and what is going to happen during the celebration. Perhaps include a program or agenda for the event. You will also want to have enough time to help those guests who are technology challenged.
• Keep it simple. Let the guests express their feelings and blessings for the mother so she can feel the love of each and everyone in the room.

• You can incorporate songs that will help build the mother’s confidence and self-esteem for her birth. Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful is a mantra taught by Yogi Bhajan for self-esteem and self-confidence. You can find the song performed by Bachun Kaur here. Nina Lee’s Sacred Prengnacy trailer song is another sweet birth/pregnancy song.

• Ask the guests to email you their good wishes and intentions for the mother to be and make a poster collage for the mother to be to use as a focal point during labor if she wishes to.

• If you have the time, ask the guests to mail you a bead to make a necklace for the mother to be to wear during labor. Each bead will symbolize the guests’ good wishes and can also work as another focal point during birth.

My birthing necklace - my focal point

Photo source: Manue@PrettyKiku on Flickr

• If the Blessingway has been planned secretly, make arrangements for the mother to be to log in to the ceremony. Perhaps the person who is helping you plan it or the person who hired you can come to the mother to be’s house on the day and time of the ceremony and log in with her. Or someone can call her five minutes before the ceremony and let her know about it then.

• You can also send the guests something special to help them remember that they were part of this special event, such as a special tea blend. This can even be sent before the Blessingway and everyone can drink it during the ceremony so all are connected that way as well.

• Use your creativity and make sure that whatever you implement will nurture and strengthen the mother’s soul and honor her as she transitions into motherhood.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on how to create a virtual blessingway. These days, borders and distances are no excuse to not make a mother to be feel beautiful, loved, honored and nurtured. Don’t underestimate the energy power sent to the mother during this online celebration. There are no limits on how far the energy can reach and the effect that it can carry within to reenergize and recharge someone who needs it.

Did you have a Blessingway? What would you add to a Virtual Blessingway?

About Saray Hill

Saray Hill, IMI Spanish Director and Baby Planner Graduate, is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), a Certified Lactation Consultant, Lactation Educator, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, a Trained Postpartum Doula by Dona International and an alternative healing therapies, essential oils and herbs lover. She earned a Bachelors degree in Economics back in 2000 in her city of origin in Ecuador and attended the Lactation Consultant Certification Program by UCSD-Extension (University of California San Diego Extension). In addition, she is also bilingual in English and Spanish and is the mother of two wonderful girls (one born at home).

Saray is the Founder and President of her company Mother’s Utopia Pregnancy and Postpartum Support, where she offers lactation consultations, postpartum Doula support and numerous parenting classes including breastfeeding, baby care and cloth diapering, green living and essential oils uses. She is based in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Saray has had the valuable opportunity of working as a lactation consultant with families of different backgrounds/ethnicities, socioeconomical and educational levels, with individual and specific needs. She has worked in diverse settings such as hospitals, clinics, health centers, county and federal programs in NC and CA and ultimately in private practice. She is also one of the breastfeeding experts for Sixty Second Parent, a popular online parenting community. She also continues educating herself in the areas of child and maternal health by attending conferences and classes and keeping up with the most recent news and trends within the maternal and infant care industry.

She has also extended her knowledge into the use of alternative healing therapies such as: the use of essential oils to improve her personal health and her family’s, as well as the implementation of Reiki, polarity balance, energy crystal and massage by top of the line practitioners.

Her Utopia happens everytime a mom, baby and dad reach that level of confidence where they don’t need her services anymore. She believes that parents nowadays are bombarded with doubts about their parenting skills, even from family members. As a result, their confidence is brought down and parental instincts distorted. Restoring their confidence and harmony with their inner voice and parenting skills is what makes her Utopia tangible.

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